The Friends of West County Seniors, Inc. was founded in 1981 to serve as a fund raising and friend raising organization to benefit and enrich the lives of seniors.  We sponsor a variety of programs, activities and special events open to all seniors in the west county towns of:

Residents from any of the ten west county towns are welcome to apply for funding of a program or event open to seniors by filling out a request form and submitting to the 'Friends' for approval.
 The Friends of West County Seniors, Inc. is funded by your donations and run entirely by volunteers.
Many thanks for the continuing support of our donors!

Herbert & Barbara Purington     Muriel Sanborn   Judy Harlow
David & Polly Bartlett     Richard & Amy Herzig   Marie Stella
Sonny & Carol Herzig       Sue Frankewicz   Peg Bellor
Peter & Susan Smith        Esther St. Germain    David Nims
Bill & Helen Delaney        Linda Wagner    Alma Jillson
Judith & Robert Lawler        Barbara Schauer   Don Avery
Walker Funeral Home        Marge Porrovecchio   Joe Palmeri
Norbert Salz & Janet Clark       Christine McCloud   Lois Holm  
JaDuke Performing Arts       Maggie Compehos   Ellen Weeks
Paul & April Mascolino        Martha Townsley   Sally Judd
Goodnow’s Chip & Putt         Bob & Lois Howson   Agnes Newland
Shelburne Falls Bowling       Mirick Insurance   Ava Hunkler
Michael & Emily Johnson       Barbara Scott   Dot Wells
Mark & Sarah McKusick        Linda Rowland    Ronald Lynde
Wayne & Pat Farrell        Belden Merims   Donna & Arnie Miller
Healing Grace Sanctuary       Russell Williams   Juanita Clark
Elaine & Richard Parmett        Nick Waynelovich     Bob Jackson
Greenfield Cooperative Bank    Irene Tomasini    Cheryl Billiel
Craig & Janice Warner    Mariana Luz     Marilyn Richardson
Don & Shirley Ward      Art Dahowski      Judy & Dana Johnson
Ruth Parnall & Don Walker      Gordon Dean      Tom Eaton
Richard & Rita Williams      Marlene Brothers      Lynne Fisher
Frank & Sally LaBelle    David Schochet    Jane O'Connor
Cheryl Faufaw    Betty Lou Guilford   Jane Recore   Shirley Pelletier
Ardis Nolan    Kathleen O'Rourke    Melinda Cross   Carl & Diane Herzig
Ree Mozeleski    Jane O'Connor    Molly Cantor Pottery   Kaylee Milligan
Barbara & Jerry Marcel    Nancy Hammond    Robert Marscher
Judith Pierce    Molly Eagan    Dennis & Sandy Clark   Andrea Griswold
Dana & Pauline McNay    Rebecca Bradley    Phil Crosier
Linda Reynolds    Mike & Susie Slowinski    Janice & Rusty Barnes
Cynthia Snow    Suzette Snow    Jon & Julia Clark   Susan Urquhart
--Friends Bowling Group in Memory of Peg Bellor--
The Staff at People’s United Bank

All funds raised by the 'Friends' are disbursed by a majority vote of members who meet on the first Tuesday of each month at the Greenfield Cooperative Bank In Shelburne Falls.  Membership is open to anyone interested in fostering the well-being of west county seniors. We welcome your participation along with your fundraising and programming ideas. 

F/Y/E  6/30/20
Voting members:

Betty Lou Guilford - Conway (President/Secretary)
Jane Recore - Conway (Vice President)
Dot Wells - Buckland (Treasurer)
Amy Herzig - Colrain
Richie Herzig - Colrain
Linda Wagner - Charlemont
Muriel Sanborn - Bernardston 
Jon Clark - Conway
Julia Clark - Conway

Next meeting: Tuesday, 1:30 p.m., February 4, 2020 at the Greenfield Cooperative Bank, Shelburne Falls